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Others who Benefit from Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Table of Contents

Case Studies on using CCPM
Some Current Users of CCPM Software
Project Management as a Competitive Weapon
Secret of Excellent Projects

Case Studies on using CCPM

Over 200 of the world's leading companies already apply Critical Chain methods to their projects.  For example:

    Lucent Technologies

      On-time performance through use of CCPM has increased to 90%+

    Harris Semiconductor

      • Applied CCPM for building a new computer chip fabrication plant.
      • Plant will generates $1 million in revenue PER DAY.
      • All product from new plant had to be tested extensively by customers and approved before full production started.
      • There would be no gains if they went fast and sacrificed quality.
      • The plant was completed and had certified product quality acceptance 34 MONTHS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.


      ($1 million per day) X (34 months) X (30.42 days/month) = $1.03 billion in additional revenue


    ESCO Corporation

      Is completing a conversion project traditionally scheduled at 12 months, but on-track for completion in 9 months


    Saturn, Div. of General Motors

    Habitat for Humanity, New Zealand

      80 people participated in a new world record when CCPM scheduling allowed them to build a 4 bedroom house in 3 hrs, 45 minutes (complete with working plumbing, decorated & painted walls, lawn seeded, picket fence, mailbox, etc.)


    TimePlex Group

    Edwards Air Force Base, U.S. Airforce

    Lord Corporation/Mechanical Products Division, Information Services Group

      Traditionally, projects were 55% longer than estimated.  After CCPM implementation, they achieved:

      • 90%+ on-time performance

      • 60% capacity increase

      • 50% reduction in project durations

Some Current Users of CCPM Software


The following companies, and many more just like them, have already implemented CCPM through the use of CCPM software:


    3M Allen-Bradley AT&T Boeing
    Clorox Cutler-Hammer Delta Air Lines EG&G
    Erricson Ford Motor Company Frigidare General Motors
    General Electric GTE Honeywell IBM
    Iomega Corp. Israeli Air Force ITT Johnson Controls
    Johnson & Johnson Lucas-Variety National Semiconductor Otis Elevator
    Printronix Rockwell Royal Dutch Shell Seiko Epson
    Square D The Home Depot US Army Corp of Engineers USAF
    Variety Kelsey-Hayes Westinghouse

    One company has over 450+ employees who are trained and using CCPM on a regular basis.


Project Management as a Competitive Weapon

The competitors of these leading CCPM implementers are probably wondering:

"How can they become that good, that fast, and that efficient so quickly?".


Secret of Excellent Projects

Now you know one of the secrets of these leading organizations for excellent project management.

If you do projects, or have one or more frustrations or concerns about your project management system, do something to help yourself and your company.

Call PQA now to discuss your situation in full confidence.  Find out how PQA can help.

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