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CCPM Training Courses

Table of Contents

History of PQA's CCPM Training Courses

PQA started searching for something better than plain, old CPM (Critical Path Method) during 1998.  We soon discovered some new buzz about CCPM.  After thoroughly checking it out, we were convinced there was a significant improvement in projects done with CCPM.

Shortly thereafter, PQA personnel received training from one of the leading CCPM gurus.  Bob Newbold had worked as a programmer and Jonah Expert under Dr. Goldratt (the Inventor of CCPM) for over 10 years.  He was there at Day #1.

Since that time, PQA has faithfully applied CCPM techniques to all our projects, as well as the ones we were doing for our clients.  Soon, we had developed sufficient CCPM expertise to be able to add to the CCPM Body of Knowledge.  PQA developed our own CCPM training materials, and started offering CCPM Training for our clients.

Roll forward 8 years, and PQA is still in there, promoting CCPM to all who wish to listen and learn.  Below is some basic information on all the different CCPM Training Courses that PQA currently offers, and how to choose between them.


PQA's CCPM Training Courses

CCPM Course Title CCPM Course Description Who is this CCPM Course Designed For? When should this CCPM course be Used?

CCPM Overview
Training Course,
1 day


Course Outline &/or Registration


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In this 1-day overview, we begin by looking at the traditional CPM methods, typical limitations, risks, and costs that this method entails.

We then build upon this by introducing the CCPM methodology, comparing and contrasting it to CPM.

Demonstrations and simulations are done to allow trainees to experience first-hand the differences between CPM and CCPM.

Case studies and examples are presented on CCPM success stories.

Engineers, Managers, Project Leaders, and other personnel who work, manage, or supervise projects.

This course is available as an on-line Internet course, Internet video conferencing, Public seminar, or an In-House Private session at your facilities.

  • When deciding about CCPM as an alternative to current methods (helps make an informed decision).
  • When training new employees on CCPM methods (before they start working on CCPM projects).
  • Training existing employees when CCPM demonstration projects are planned, or when CCPM implementation has been approved.
  • This course is an excellent starting point for new Project Managers.  After completion of this course, and on-the-job application as a Project Team Member, the best of these candidates can take the additional CCPM training course for Project Managers (see below)

CCPM Executive Overview,
4 hrs.


Course Outline &/or Registration


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This 4-hr overview quickly introduces the CCPM opportunity for Sr. Executives.

After quickly introducing CCPM concepts, we discuss the losses and limitations associated with the current project management systems.

We integrate CCPM and the strategic directions, competitive factors, and market trends.  This helps the Sr. Executive assess what they should do to best utilize projects that get done 50% faster &/or 50% cheaper than ever before.

Known issues that often occur during CCPM implementation will be discussed (eg. training, motivation, planning, logistics, experimental to corporate-wide implementation, roll-out plans, etc.).

Sr. Executive who will be deciding about CCPM authorization requests, and Executives responsible for the implementation of a CCPM system for their organization.

This course is available as an on-line Internet course, Internet video conferencing, Public seminar, or an In-House Private session at your facilities.

  • Prior to preparing a CCPM  authorization request (ie. a business case).  This will ensure that all of the potential savings are accounted for, and included in the ROI calculation.  Risks, costs, pros, and cons are fully explored to ensure that an informed decision about CCPM is made.
  • Immediately after a CCPM implementation project has been approved by the Board of Directors.  This will ensure that the Sr. Executives fully understand that no software CD or algorithm will change an organization; it's the people, and how the implementation is designed.  Change can be hard for employees, and the Sr. Executive need to properly plan for these significant changes

CCPM for Project Managers,
3 days

Course Outline &/or Registration

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This is the nuts and bolts of CCPM for the hands-on leaders and practitioners who will be doing the CCPM implementation, &/or running the CCPM projects on a daily basis.

The course includes brief mention of the issues discussed during the CCPM Executive Overview, as well as the CCPM Overview.

From this foundation, we go on to look at the software available, and the issues they will face (and need to resolve) for their projects and project teams.  The roles and their interface with Sr. Executives is covered, as well as the Resource Managers and the resource workers to whom project tasks will be assigned.

Project Managers, Resource Managers, and Sr. Technical personnel.

This course is available as an on-line Internet course, Internet video conferencing, Public seminar, or an In-House Private session at your facilities.

  • Before anyone assumes the duties as a Project Manager for a CCPM project.
  • Before a Project Manager plans how to implement CCPM for their organization, department, or area.


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