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Continuous Improvement
Through Six Sigma

The Six Sigma approach is a closed loop and continuous improvement process. To understand this continuous approach, an integrated Six Sigma structure can be viewed from two different but correlated perspectives: project (see Figure 6.1) and business (see Figure 6.2) perspectives.

From the project perspective (see Figure 6.1), Six Sigma project teams follow the MAIC discipline to measure the gap between current process capability with the project's goals, analyze the root causes for defects, improve the process capability by eliminating the root causes, and control the new process to sustain the improvements.

Figure 6.1

Figure 6.1 Six Sigma Approach - Project Perspective

On the other hand, from the business perspective (see Figure 6.2), Six Sigma projects are derived from the business strategy plan which sets an organization's goals and key performance measurements.  Based on key business goals, top management defines Six Sigma projects scopes and organizes the right project teams.  While projects are progressing, top management regularly reviews the projects and promptly provides political, financial, and technical support.  After the projects are completed, top management audits the projects’ results, establishes necessary systems to maintain the improvements, and based on the results continuously adjusts the business strategic action plans.

Figure 6.2

Figure 6.2 Six Sigma Approach - Business Perspective

With this integrated framework, organizations can continuously improve their processes and constantly gain the quantifiable bottom-line results from satisfied customers.

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