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For any and all writings, text, layout, drawings, methods, materials, images, text, know-how, look & feel, industrial design, descriptions, and other intellectual property contained in or described by this website of Process Quality Associates Inc. ("PQA"), PQA claims sole and exclusive ownership, rights, responsibility, and control on a world-wide basis, except as provided herein.  Any copyrights or intellectual property owned or controlled by a third party is appropriately marked as such to the best of PQA's current abilities, knowledge, and beliefs; and is not the responsibility nor property of PQA.

You may use any or all of the intellectual property owned by PQA that is displayed on this website, provided that all of the following conditions are met on an on-going basis:

  1. By downloading any files, images, or other electronic documents from PQA's website (http://www.pqa.net), and/or the subsequent possession, control, use, retention, or benefiting from these items shall constitute agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions in this copyright license by the person who downloaded.

  2. PQA's intellectual property is only authorized to be copied and used only by the person taking copies of it or otherwise downloading copies of it directly from PQA's Website (http://www.pqa.net).  This person who personally downloads PQA's copyrighted material (or the person who used an automated system to do so on their behalf) shall be known as a Licensee under this license agreement, and is responsible for monitoring the use of these embodiments of PQA's intellectual properties on a regular basis (but at least once per year), and ensuring that their usage is in on-going and continuous compliance with the then current version of this license.

  3. PQA's intellectual property cannot be sold to third parties, distributed, nor used as a source of income, profit, benefit, nor gain by any person other than PQA.

  4. PQA's intellectual property displayed or discussed on this website shall not be used by a Competitor of PQA for any purpose whatsoever, nor so as to directly benefit a Competitor of PQA.  "Competitor" is defined as a legal entity that has or sells one or more goods or services that are similar to one or more of PQA's goods and services,  AND this legal entity has attempted to do business in similar geographical regions to PQA.

  5. PQA's copyright mark and hyperlink ( 1996 - 2002   Process Quality Associates Inc.  ) shall be applied and readily visible on any and all copies that are made of PQA's intellectual property, as well as all future materials and works derived therefrom.

  6. Any of PQA's copyright marks, stated or implied limitations, or restrictions that are already on the intellectual property, will remain on in their original look and feel, and shall be readily visible by anyone who may see or use these intellectual materials.

  7. If any of the terms or conditions imposed by this limited and non-exclusive license are breached, then this copyright license is immediately revoked by PQA.  The Licensee shall immediately destroy all copies of PQA's intellectual properties that were previously under the revoked copyright license, and shall cease using all materials derived therefrom.  Failing to immediately do so shall be prima facie evidence of the Licensee and/or other parties breaching PQA's rights under copyright laws.

  8. This limited, non-exclusive copyright license is subject to change, cancellation and/or revocation at any time without justification, just cause, prior warning, notice period, nor any additional requirement to notify one or more persons; and any cancellation or revocation by PQA is effective upon providing public notice thereof through this website.  Upon revocation of this license for any reason, or upon a change in this license occurring to which the Licensee is no longer in agreement, the Licensee shall immediately stop any and all use or benefits derived from these intellectual properties, and shall promptly destroy all copies of PQA's intellectual property, including any and all archival copies thereof.  If a Licensee continues to possess, control, benefit from, or use PQA's copyrighted materials after the revocation of their copyright license, it is prima facie evidence of a copyright violation.   If a Licensee continue to possess, control, or use PQA's copyrighted materials after the change in the terms of the copyright license, it is prima facie evidence of the Licensee's voluntary acceptance of the revised terms of the copyright license, and their on-going duty to abide by these revised terms.

  9. This non-exclusive, limited copyright license will be interpreted (and will be deemed to have been entered into, delivered, and agreed upon) under the laws and jurisdiction applicable to London, ON Canada; except that the provisions for any conflicts with the laws in other jurisdictions shall not apply.  All other laws and legal principles (whether domestic, foreign, international, or treaties) which are more rigorous or restrictive on PQA, or less rigorous or less restrictive on the Licensee is hereby opted out of, exempt from, and of no effect.  All disputes directly or indirectly related to the intellectual property on PQA's website and this license will be filed, heard, and decided by the courts of competent jurisdiction located in London ON Canada; or if PQA expressly agrees in writing or decides, another jurisdiction.
Who is PQA ? Products and Services PQA's Clients PQA's Philosophies PQA's People PQA's Milestones
Dear PQA... Career Opportunities & Joint Ventures
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