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Advanced Product Quality Planning

Workshop Overview
APQP is the process approved by the automotive industry for the design & development of new products. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to translate customer needs & expectations into finished products & services through a logical, timely and cost effective 5 phase process.

Workshop # JGG04001

Workshop Content

  • Why do we need APQP?
  • Customer needs assessment and data collection
  • Product/process design, review, development, & validation
  • Customer feedback, adjustment & APQP process improvement
  • Project management
  • QFD - Quality Function Deployment
  • Quality Planning
  • Coordinating management, engineering & manufacturing
  • APQP system monitoring, measurements, and management
  • Control plan preparation
  • 7 deadly sins & APQP
  • Supporting tools and techniques for APQP

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • No one really knows what the customer wants
  • We're never sure who supposed to do what and when, on new products
  • We think that the product is ready to be released to market, only to find out that something is missing
  • You have had significant launch problems in the past
  • Competitors are developing new products faster than you can


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