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CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management

Workshop Overview
Every company has projects that are critical to their survival, whether it is a new marketing plan, product development, purchase and installation of new equipment, or software development. There are hundreds of workshops on project management. This Critical Chain Project management (CCPM) workshop is different because it's all about the biggest breakthrough in successful project management since Gantt & PERT pioneered "critical path" in the 1950's (CCPM, Critical Chain 1997 by Dr. Eli Goldratt).  CCPM gets your projects done 10% to 50% faster &/or cheaper.

This 1-day course is an overview to Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). It is designed to give project team members an understanding of the CCPM methodology and how they can contribute to its successful implementation


Workshop Content

  • Why Projects Have Problems
  • Purpose of an organization
  • What is a Project
  • How I feel about Projects (Exercise)
  • 7 Steps to Change
  • What is the Purpose of a Project
  • Project Problems
  • Why do Projects Overrun
  • Uncertainty
  • Multitasking (Exercise)
  • How is Safety Time Wasted
  • A Simple Project (Exercise)
  • How Critical Chain Project Management Solves Project Problems
  • Critical Chain vs Critical Path
  • Late vs Early Start
  • Stay Focused: Measure & Control
  • Theory of Constraints applied to project management
    1. Identify Project Constraint
    2. Exploit the Constraint
    3. Subordinate
    4. Elevate the Constraint
    5. Go Back to Step 1
  • Changes Needed with CCPM
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Deciding What to Do
  • ProChain® Software Demonstration
  • Review & Discussion

You Need to Attend This Workshop to Learn How to ......

  • Get your projects done 10% to 50% faster &/or cheaper
  • Lower the stress & frustration for management, project team members, and customers
  • Bring projects in on-time vs the national average of only 44% on-time 
  • Bring projects in on-budget vs the national average of 189% over-budget 
  • Deliver all the planned features vs. the national average of 70% of projects missing 1 or more features 
  • Develop a sure-fire identification of tasks that need attention

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