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CCPM for Executives
(Critical Chain Project Management)

Workshop Overview
We all do projects.  Some of us are better at it than others.  Today, rapid implementation of projects is a competitive weapon that you (or your competitors) will eventually master.  The only question is who gets there first.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) was invented in 1997 by Dr. Goldratt, and allows projects to be implemented 10% to 50% faster than the traditional project management methods we have been taught for the past 50 years (CPM, PERT, Gantt, WBS, etc.).

This one-day training course is especially designed for Senior Executives to help them discuss and understand how many of the strategic initiatives they face (eg. marketing, sales, distribution, Human Resources, technology, profitability, Strategic Planning, financial accounting, 6 sigma projects, new product development, etc.) can be solved or simplified through CCPM methodologies.

Due to the strategic nature of the course content, this Executive Overview is not offered as a public session.  It is only available to organizations where their entire senior management team is ready to simplify their lives and the implementation of projects.  If your President, Vice-Presidents, General Managers, and similar Sr. personnel are ready as a group to listen, explain, and discuss CCPM, PQA is ready to help.


Workshop Content

  • Why Projects Have Problems
  • Purpose of an organization
  • What is a Project
  • How I feel about Projects (Exercise)
  • 7 Steps to Change
  • What is the Purpose of a Project
  • Project Problems
  • Why do Projects Overrun
  • Uncertainty
  • Multitasking (Exercise)
  • How is Safety Time Wasted
  • A Simple Project (Exercise)
  • How Critical Chain Solves Project Problems
  • Critical Chain vs Critical Path
  • Late vs Early Start
  • Stay Focused: Measure & Control
  • Theory of Constraints applied to project management
    1. Identify Project Constraint
    2. Exploit the Constraint
    3. Subordinate
    4. Elevate the Constraint
    5. Go Back to Step 1
  • Changes Needed with CCPM
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Deciding What to Do
  • ProChain Software Demonstration
  • Review & Discussion
You Need to Attend This Workshop to Learn How to ......

  • You are playing "leap frog" with your competition
  • You recognize Velocity as the #1 competitive weapon for the 2000's
  • You need faster implementation of your strategic projects and initiatives
  • You are frustrated and disappointed at the historical results for projects
    • Plan vs. actual for costs, scope, or timing of project completions

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