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Design of Experiments

Workshop Overview
This is a three-day, introductory level workshop on DOE.  A case study methodology is used to integrate all the essential elements. This includes problem statement, designing & conducting market research experiments & customer surveys, development of priorities for optimization experiments, conducting the process optimization experiments, and writing a final report on all activities.

6 Sigma Improve

Workshop Content

  • Introduction  to DOE
  • The 9-steps of DOE
  • DOE Example
  • Fractional Factorials
  • General factorials
You Need to Attend This Workshop to Learn How to ......

  • You can't figure out which variables have the greatest impact on the quality of your product 
  • Your processes are so complex, it's impossible to figure out what's the most important factor 
  • You need to solve long-standing, complex problems in parts or processes

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