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FMEA - Failure Mode
& Effects Analysis

Workshop Overview
  • An overview of both Design FMEA and Process FMEA
  • Comprehensive thinking and rating system to highlight areas of concern
  • Learn how to spot potential problems, types of failures and their consequences
  • Prioritize and assess the benefits of design and process changes
  • Practical hands-on experience with the required forms of FMEA
  • Risk priority number (RPN)
  • This course covers the content in the AIAG Reference Manual for FMEA
  • This workshop can be customized to focus on either Design FMEA or Process FMEA


Workshop Content

  • Organizational and departmental inputs, outputs to FMEA
  • Design vs. Process FMEA compare and contrast
  • Use & impact of FMEA on company, workers, customers and end-users
  • Costs, benefits and risks (Mis-application) of FMEA
  • Computerized systems for assisting with FMEA documentation
  • FMEA review and approval methodology
  • Statistical analysis of FMEA for quality and consistency


You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You need to meet the requirements of ISO/TS 16949
  • Things go wrong in your products or processes that you should have seen before hand and designed out
  • Field failures and processing screw-ups are causing a big drain on your profitability
  • You have heard that big product liability cases have put some companies out of business, and you don't want that to happen to you


Call PQA to discuss your training needs at: +1 (519)-667-1720 or in North America (800)-837-7046

OR  email: dwhitred@pqa.net

PQA also has 1-day workshops devoted exclusively to either Design FMEA or Process FMEA. These workshops go into greater detail and include exercises specific to each topic.

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