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Global 8D (G8D) Problem Solving

Workshop Overview

We all suffer from problems. While some are riskier, occur more frequently, or are costlier, we all spend 50% to 80% of our work day solving problems. This course will ensure that you choose your problems wisely and solve them completely and permanently.

In the late 1990s, Ford launched the G8D problem solving program, incorporating many new techniques learned from decades of experience by companies worldwide who applied Fordís 8D Team Oriented Problem Solving methodology to understand problems & their causes, and to develop & implement innovative, permanent solutions.

In this 2-day on-site training course, trainees will learn the G8D process on the first day, and apply these concepts to problems you are currently facing on the second day


Workshop Content

Day One

  • The Problems with Problem Solving

  • D0: Choosing the G8D Problem: When is a G8D needed

  • D1: The Team: The Bridge Game - an experiential learning activity that allows trainees to experience teamwork and how to handle dysfunctional behaviour

  • D2:Describe the problem - Using Change Analysis to accurately define the problem

  • D3:Immediate Containment

  • D4: Define & Verify Root Cause - Combining Brainstorming, Cause & Effect, and the 5 Why techniques to get to the root cause

  • D5: Choose & Verify Permanent Corrective Action - Verification techniques

  • D6: Implement Permanent Corrective Actions - PDSA Cycle, Paynter Chart (Followup & Closure)

  • D7:Preventing Recurrence - Training, updating systems & documents

  • D8: Congratulating the Team - Motivation & Recognition

Day Two

Trainees will apply the G8D technique to real problems. Teams of 4 to 5 trainees will work on solving current problems under the guidance of the PQA trainer. This allows trainees to practice the new techniques for implementing corrective actions on real problems and under controlled conditions to ensure that they are applying the techniques correctly. This portion of the course typically identifies solutions to problems and results in savings that are far in excess of the training costs

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You are tired & frustrated at solving the same symptoms over and over and now you want to cure the disease
  • You have customer complaints, returns & warranty issues
  • You are a supplier to the automotive industry
  • You are ISO/TS certified, or want to be


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