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IQAT - Internal Quality Auditor
Training for ISO 9001

Workshop Overview
                This 2-day training course is designed to prepare seasoned employees to assume, in addition to their regular duties, the role of Internal Quality Auditor.

The first day the course quickly sketches out the world-wide audit framework, then zeros into the practical aspects of people, systems, auditing tools and techniques, and optimizing the benefits achieved through auditing. Special emphasis is placed on making auditing a "win-win" situation for the auditor and auditees via excellent interactions between people.

The second day consists of an on-site audit of a real process at your company. The second day maximizes the learning potential for these auditing skills.

  • Learn how to audit and trouble shoot your own operation using the Process Approach to auditing and Value Added  auditing techniques
  • Obtain a complete understanding of the ISO 19011 (Auditing Guidelines)
  • Proper execution, documentation and follow-up of your internal quality audits will be covered in detail
  • Discover how to audit through numerous realistic exercises to develop auditing skills
  • Real-life on-site audit of one of your quality management processes

Workshop # JF04003

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Auditor Responsibilities
  • System for Quality Auditing - Principles & practices, with a focus on the process approach and value-added auditing
  • Audit Planning and Preparation- preparation of audit checklists
  • Performing the audit - Interviewing techniques, objective evidence, audit paths with source of requirements and nonconformities
  • Audit Reporting - corrective action requests
  • Audit Closure - verification and follow-up
  • Understanding ISO-9001 - An analysis of what the major requirements in the standard really mean
  • DAY 2

    The second day will be used for the newly trained auditors to audit an actual operation(s) or process(es) within your facility. Under the guidance of a Certified Quality Auditor (the PQA instructor), the auditor trainees will:

  • Prepare a checklist of the audit questions to be asked
    • Perform the audit of a quality management process, with each auditor trainee performing an equal portion of the audit. All auditor trainees will have an opportunity to lead a portion of the audit, and to observe & comment on how the other auditor trainees conduct their portion of the audit. The PQA trainer will provide feedback to each auditor trainee to reinforce & assure that the techniques which had been learned in the classroom are being applied properly.

    • Prepare an audit report, summarizing the audit findings. If you wish, the auditor trainees can present the audit report to the manager of the area/process that was audited


    You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

    • You're implementing ISO 9001 and need internal auditors
    • Your ISO audits &/or ISO Auditors need better effectiveness &/or efficiency
    • You need to train your existing internal auditors how to perform audits using the Process Approach
    • You need to expand or replace your internal quality auditors
    • You need to determine if your processes are being implemented as planned
    • You want to improve the effectiveness of your current processes
    This Training Course is available from PQA as:

    In-house, private seminar at or near your site

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