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ISO 14001 Introduction

Workshop Overview
Over the past 25 years, globalization and international conglomerates have met increased public concern over environmental issues, and increased regulatory complexity. Now, even small companies need to focus on their environmental future.

Following on the heels of ISO 9001 quality management standards, ISO 14001 helps companies focus, manage, and control the environmental and safety aspects of their business through an internationally recognized standard.

The standard is the same for all. However, the quality of the planning, decisions, and implementation separate the successful from the bureaucratic and wasteful. ISO 14001 should be a profit centre for your organization.

PQA has done hundreds of ISO implementations over the past 18 years. Here is where we share our expertise.  This workshop provides an overview of the ISO 14001 standard, implementation options, and how to plan for a successful ISO 14001 launch.

This is a one-day training course providing an overview of the ISO 14001 requirements, and includes a description of the programs that you will need to establish to meet those requirements. The course will enable trainees to understand the requirements, benefits, risks, and limitations of ISO-14001, and its implementation methods. This will assist the trainees to plan, implement, document, or continuously improve their ISO-14001 system.

The techniques covered in this course will enable the trainees to recognize the needs and the issues that will need to be addressed by a company considering ISO-14001 implementation.


Workshop Content

  • Background of ISO-14001 development
  • Getting started 
  • Setting an Environmental Policy 
  • Planning 
  • Implementation
  • What separates the excellent & poor ISO 14001 implementations
  • How to turn ISO 14001 into a profit centre for your organization
  • Maximizing the buy-in, involvement, and compliance to ISO 14001
You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You need higher profits or lower costs
  • You need a better competitive edge in tough markets and stiff competition
  • Customers or corporate are asking you to implement ISO-14001
  • You want to be more environmentally friendly, but you don't know what ISO 14001 will involve
  • You wonder if ISO 14001 is really worth it
  • You are committed to implementing ISO 14001, but want to "get it right" the first time

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