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Management Measuring Systems

Ford's Quality Operating System (QOS)

Workshop Overview
People work the way they are measured. In addition, systems need to be monitored to ensure they are operating properly, the output gives excellent quality & quantity, and problems are identified before they occur. To do all these important tasks, we need an excellent Management Measuring System (MMS).

This one-day course is based on Ford's Quality Operating System (QOS)


Workshop Content

  • Identifying customers and their expectations
  • Identifying key processes 
  • Selecting measurables for the key processes 
  • Tracking trends of measurables 
  • Predicting downstream performance 
  • Measuring customer satisfaction  
  • Ensuring employee awareness

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You want to align your business processes with your customer expectations 
  • You want to identify process improvement opportunities 
  • You are having difficulty predicting downstream performance 
  • You need everyone pulling in the same direction 
  • You need to meet the ISO 9001:2000 or TS 16949 standards


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