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Measurement System Analysis

Workshop Overview
We cannot improve what we cannot measure effectively.  Variation has to be understood & controlled in all of our processes for us to truly succeed. Unfortunately, over half the measurements made in organizations have not kept up to the ever more demanding needs of our customers and our processes.  Measurement system analysis will allow you to quickly determine areas of excellence and areas where improvements are needed to meet requirements for ISO/TS 16949 certified companies.

This is an overview course on the issues and techniques of analyzing measurement systems ("MS") to ensure the data produced meets the accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility, and other needs of the organization, and is continuously improved. This will assist the trainees to plan, implement, document, measure, and continuously improve their measurement systems.

The Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R) method is covered in detail through a live, worked example.

This course is an overview of the major issues, decisions, costs, techniques, & constraints that will be faced with measurements & measuring devices. This course will prepare the trainee to perform the most common MS analysis (Gauge R&R), and determine problem areas. This course will not, by itself, prepare the trainee to determine the cause of the problems, nor optimum MSA design without further on-the-job practice and application under the training and guidance of a person with current MSA implementation experience.


Workshop Content

  • Variation: its source, impact and solution 
  • Consequences of poor measurement on employees & customers 
  • Describing a measurement system: accuracy, repeatability, precision 
  • The 15 steps to test and analyze a measurement system 
  • Measuring to customer's tolerances, as well as process tolerances 
  • How to determine the limiting factors of your measuring system 
  • Over & under adjustment of measuring systems 
  • Calibration of measuring devices and record keeping 
  • Gauge Reliability & Repeatability - a case study

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You want to make sure that the measurement system (instrument & person) is capable of giving accurate measurements
  • You want to monitor the stability of your measuring instruments over time and correct them prior to giving incorrect readings 
  • You are having disagreements with your customers or suppliers about  whose measurements are correct


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