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Statistical Techniques I (Basic)

Workshop Overview
  • Introduces the 7 basic statistical techniques used in management, and in the improvement of any process.
  • You will learn the Variation Principle, the foundation of Statistical Process Control
  • You will learn the description, uses, cautions and applications for each of the statistical techniques
  • The use of numerous examples and exercises ensures that you will understand how and when to apply these very powerful tools


Workshop Content

  • The Variation Principle
  • Pareto analysis
  • Flow chart
  • Cause & effect diagram (Ishikawa Fishbone)
  • Histogram
  • Run chart
  • Scatter diagram
  • Control charts for both variable and attribute data

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You don't know if the changes in your results need action or if they are just normal fluctuations
  • You are never sure which problem to work on first
  • People need an organized way to determine what really causes problems


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