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Supervision & Leadership

Workshop Overview
Whether at home with your family, on the sports field or at work, we all need to have effective supervision & leadership skills.

Leaders need to: 
  • recognize problems and opportunities
  • determine the optimum destination for any given set of resources/constraints
  • map out how to get to their planned destination 
  • measure how well you are doing in getting to the planned destination & develop corrective action where needed 
Simply put -- the execution of this 4 step program is loaded with opportunities, challenges, risks and rewards. In a 1993 Gallop survey, 10,000 people from across North America said they were ready & willing to give 30% more to their companies if only they had the right supervision/environment. Do you have the right environment?


Workshop Content

The supervision and leadership program is covered in 8, half-day modules
  • What is Leadership?
  • Customer Principle
  • System Principle
  • Variation Principle
  • Knowledge Principle
  • Planned Change Principle
  • People Principle
  • Participative Decision-Making

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • Your people have a fear of poor results with delegated tasks
  • You need co-operative working skills 
  • Your people are easily frustrated by others with whom they work  
  • You want to work harder, faster, smarter, or more productively

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