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Train the Trainer: How to Design & Implement Effective Training Courses

Workshop Overview
Training is expensive  Ignorance is even more expensive, so we are forced to make the investment in training.  Understanding the intended audience, the needs, constraints, available tools, and proven methods for transferring the knowledge and skills are crucial to getting the best return on the training investment.  Unfortunately, these optimum rarely occur in practice. 

For maximum efficiency, adults need to be trained differently that children in school.

Adults can be trained the same as when they were in school, but the effectiveness is limited.  In today's multi-ethnic, varied backgrounds, more effective training methods are required.  This training course helps you understand the issues, opportunities, and methods for optimum training.

The cost of the trainer and training materials are typically less than 10% of the cost of training.  Be sure to get the greatest benefit from your expensive investment by training in the most effective manner.

This 2-day course will show you the opportunity for improving the ROI from your training programs, making training one of your best profit centres (ROI's > 1,000%).

Course #: JYD04001

Workshop Content

  • How & why people learn effectively
  • Retention & application of knowledge, building new habits
  • Applying Deming's PDCA to training opportunities
  • Training needs assessments
  • How adults learn
  • Planning lessons
  • How to teach adults
  • In the classroom
  • Group Dynamics
  • Assessing current training programs and results
  • Designing new & improved training courses
  • Support, coaching, mentoring, & cheerleading after formal training sessions
  • On-the-job application of trained methods, skills, knowledge, & attitudes

You Need to Attend This Workshop If ......

  • You are a Trainer
  • You authorize or purchase training courses
  • You are a Manager who has Training Needs for your staff
  • You are developing training courses for Adults
  • You are playing "leap frog" with your competitors
  • You need a long-term sustainable, competitive advantage in your market sector
  • You need a better ROI for your training investment
  • You recognize people as your most expensive & important corporate asset

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