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CCPM for Project Managers

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Training Course Overview

This 3-day training courses is for existing Project Managers to upgrade from CPM (Critical Path Method, traditional methods)  to CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) techniques.  This course can also be used by CCPM Project Team members who are already skilled at working under CCPM systems to be promoted to a CCPM Project Manager.

This course briefly overviews some of the course content in the CCPM Overview, CCPM Executive Overview, and then dives into the info that a CCPM Project Manager must master to achieve effective CCPM projects.

Without this training, there is a significant risk that a Project Manager will continue to apply ancient CPM techniques, but call it CCPM.  When results don't measure up, CCPM is often blamed.

Content of Training Course

  • Getting the Most from Your Project Team - The Bridge Game; Bridge Game Debrief; Bridging the Gap in People's Skills

  • Resolution to Project Management Issues - Current project reality; Miracles needed to improve project management

  • CPM vs. CCPM methodology
  • Critical Chain Scheduling

  • Managing uncertainty

  • Identifying the Critical Chain

  • Adding buffers

  • Planning the Critical Chain project

  • Throughput

  • Global improvement

  • Multiple projects

  • Implementing the Critical Chain Project
  • Multi-tasking simulation
  • CCPM Project Management & Reporting Systems
  • CCPM Project Measurements
  • Software demonstration

You Need to Attend This Training Course If ......

  • You are a Project Manager who wants to upgrade to a CCPM Project Manager
  • You are a CCPM Project Team member who wants to get promoted to a CCPM Project Manager
  • You have projects that are late, over-budget, or you need to get your projects done faster &/or cheaper
  • You have taken the CCPM Overview course, and want even more CCPM knowledge
  • You are a Sr. Executive who has taken the CCPM Executive Overview training course, and want more in-depth information about CCPM.

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