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Employees and Associates of PQA


Glenn Black, P.Eng CQE CQA

Glenn is President and Founder of PQA.  He is a Professional Engineer (Chemical), a Certified Quality Engineer, and a Certified Quality Auditor, with 25 years experience in project management, automotive, petro-chemicals, plastics, rubber, paint, metal stamping, plating, machining, casting, and agricultural pharmaceuticals.

Glenn specializes in risk management, statistical data analysis, computer software, quality assurance,  process engineering, Theory of Constraints, project management, strategic planning, technology, and problem solving & troubleshooting.


Don Whitred, P.Eng CQE CQA

Don is a Sr. Associate who holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and is a Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Quality Engineer.  Don has 30 years experience in Quality, Product Management,  and Business Development for the telecommunications, automotive, electronics and manufacturing sectors.

Don specializes in ISO/QS-9000, medical devices, electrical & electronic industries, and Total Quality Management.

John McLellan

John McLellan, DBA MBA CMA CQA

John is a Sr. Associate who earned his Certified Management Accounting designation in 1976, his Masters of Business Administration in 1978 and his Doctorate of Business Administration in 2004.

John has over 25 years experience teaching corporate finance, management accounting and financial accounting to university students, preparing them for their accounting certification.

John has consulted with many companies and organizations including the Society of Management Accountants.  His research into the Effective Implementation of Six Sigma has been on-going since earning his Doctorate.

Gary Tucker

Gary has a degree in Math and Statistics.  He is a SQA (supplier quality assurance) engineer and manufacturing specialist with 30+ years experience in the Automotive, Agricultural equipment, and other industries.  He is experienced in cellular manufacturing, fabrication, stamping, die casting and assembly.

Gary's specialties include ergonomics, material handling, plant layout and technical writing.

Jodi Strouse

Jodi is PQA's Office Manager.  Jodi has a College Diploma in Business Administration, and has completed numerous courses in Accounting and Quality Assurance.  Jodi is responsible for computer system administration, client care, customer service, accounting and all other office duties.  She is also the newly appointed PQA News (newsletter) editor.

During the past 15 years PQA has been consulting, we have grown and developed an intricate web of relationships with various experts in all facets of business, manufacturing, high technology, and support services.  We can quickly form customized teams of specialists that can assist your temporary or long term needs.

We have the expertise you need, and the desire to apply it to your interesting challenges.

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