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PQA's Milestones

January, 2005 PQA assists a client to resolve outstanding issues and pending de-registration of their ISO 9001 system.  PQA resolves in 1 week what the client had been struggling with for 7 months.
Dec. 2005 PQA does an extensive energy conservation process analysis for a major oil/gas refining and processing plant in the Middle East.  Numerous innovative process improvements are made, including heat exchanger network Pinch Analysis. Many million $ savings are identified & projects proposed for achievement of BIC (Best In Class) Energy performance.
July, 2004 PQA has had several inquiries about Black Belt Training.  Due to this interest, we are going to be running a public program starting in September.
June, 2004 PQA develops a Work/Study program for International Student's.
April, 2004 PQA is awarded a contract for an Employee Survey which we conducted on-line for 70 employees.  PQA identified 7 management policies that could be modified so as to create even greater employee satisfaction.
March 24, 2004 Glenn Black delivered the speech Why Won't People Just Do It? at the first ever PMI South Western Ontario Conference in London.

London Quality Award winner is announced - Congratulations to 3M!

Both Don and Glenn were Quality Award Assessors, using the Canadian Award of Excellence (CAE) as the basic template.

March 11, 2004
Glenn Black is the Guest Speaker for this month's ASQ London Section 0403 meeting held at 3M Canada, London.  The topic is Examining Business Processes.  There was a good turnout and the evening was enjoyed by all.
Feb 23 to 25, 2004
IQPC, a leading edge company holding conferences dedicated to providing accurate, objective and up-to-date developments and trends in various industries and government, was in need of experienced Facilitators for a Business Process Management Congress to be attended by Sr. Executives from Canada, USA, Europe, and Hong Kong.

PQA’s Sr. Consultants Glenn Black, Don Whitred, and John McLellan designed and presented a 1-day Master Class workshop on “Business Process Auditing”.  Topics included: rapid process assessment techniques, QMS auditing techniques, Six Sigma methodologies, and continuous improvement philosophies.

Glenn Black also delivered the Interactive discussion session on Process Models for Overcoming the Technical Challenges of Business Process Management.

On a scale from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent), PQA received a satisfaction rating from attendees ranging from 4.2 to 4.9 (average of 4.64).  The average score was 3.55  of the thirty one other speakers who presented.  Therefore the discriminating Sr. Executives who paid up to CDN$5,300 to attend found PQA to be 30.7 % better than the leading consultants from 2 continents.
(See the scores from IQPC at http://www.pqa.net/workdone.html.  Click on the link at the bottom of this Case Study).
Feb.19, 2004 ASQ Kitchener Quality Conference.  Glenn delivered a speech on "Helping People Get it Right the First Time".
Jan, 2004 PQA joins the London Tech Alliance and the Project Management Institute.

PQA is also actively recruiting/hiring a new sales force to join our team.

Dec, 2003 LQA visits underway.  The LQA Team visit the qualifying company's for an evaluation.
Nov, 2003 PQA gets a big contract for a Tier 1 auto manufacturer.
Oct, 2003 Glenn gives a speech at the ASQ Toronto Quality Forum - Serving Customer Service.
Oct 15, 2003
Southwestern Ontario Software Quality Group has invited Glenn Black to deliver a speech on "Needs Assessment"
September, 2003 Operations Management course is underway at Fanshawe College.

2 members of PQA join the London Quality Award Selection Committee - Glenn Black and Don Whitred (LQA Organizer).

July 15, 2003 Glenn Black, President of PQA develops and prepares to teach Operations Management course at Fanshawe College, London Campus starting in September, 2003
July 11, 2003 PQA does an ISO 13485 Implementation for a company that manufactures and distributes medical devices
July 8, 2003 Plastic rotomolding manufacturer was having problems with mold surface porosity which caused premature scrapping of very expensive molds.  PQA developed  process for re-surfacing existing molds, & for achieving better quality and useable life from all future molds that were made
July 7, 2003 PQA creates a Lean Manufacturing User Group for people to network with fellow Lean enthusiasts to share their views, ideas, and experiences about Lean Manufacturing
July 2, 2003 Research on public companies for their quality assurance management system, cost of non-quality and profitability
June 10, 2003 PQA creates an ISO 9000 User Group for quality people in the area who would get together one night a month to share how we implement the ISO 9001/ TS 16949 requirements
May 29, 2003 PQA contract for review of current product design, reliability problems, statistical data analysis and make recommendations for resolving all performance and reliability problems for a commercial products manufacturer
May 23, 2003 Analysis of patent, product, and documentation for approval by patent office and acceptance under building code and as code-compliant for manufacturer
Mar. 31, 2003 PQA current client ( an appliance manufacturer) signs a PERCON contract for continuous improvement.  PERCON is a PERsonal CONsultant
Mar. 27, 2003 Glenn Black, President of PQA has been invited by the PEO Toronto Chapter to deliver a speech on "Engineers and Engineering: From Whisper to Voice"
Mar. 5, 2003 PQA receives a contract to develop and deliver ISO 13485 Internal Auditor Training for a local manufacturer of plastic extrusions.
Jan. 28, 2003 Glenn Black, President of PQA is giving a speech for the Southwestern Ontario chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI) on "Projects and Quality Assurance: Making the World Go Round"
Jan. 11, 2003 PQA was retained to assess a local manufacturer's current management situation, and propose immediate solutions.
Jan. 8, 2003 PQA Senior Associates Glenn Black and Don Whitred have volunteered their time and experiences to be on the London Quality Award committee
Jan. 6, 2003 PQA client signs a contract for Facuilitation of Continuous Improvement projects for $700,000 savings for a company that manufactures and distributes plastic bags
Dec. 23, 2003 PQA starts to develop Six Sigma web pages for their website
Dec. 11, 2003 Received a purchase order to deliver an 8D Training Program for a company that does surface preparation & application of coatings to metal
Oct. 23, 2003 CRASH!!!!!  A car crashes through the front window of PQA offices.  No one is hurt but 2 work stations and the whole room is destroyed.  Time for more renovations!
Oct. 1, 2002 McGill University teams up with PQA to assist the Master of Manufacturing Management (MMM) program students find short term positions with Manufacturing companies to complete their program.
Sept. 30, 2002 PQA is asked to build computer simulator for automotive style air conditioning system & optimize design
Sept. 28, 2002 Kitchen remodeling in PQA's offices are now complete. This was the last task to complete all the renovations at PQA's offices.  Boy, are they beautiful!
Sept. 26, 2002 PQA in discussions to add Director of Sales & Marketing to assist consultants in sales support.
Sept. 19, 2002 PQA helping medical device manufacturers & distributors meet Dec. 31, 2002 deadline for having ISO 13485 certification
Sept. 02, 2002 PQA personnel teaching Quality Management  and Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing courses at local Community College to give back to our community & share the knowledge
Sept. 01, 2002 Glenn Black, President of PQA is giving a presentation at Professional Remodeler's First Benchmark Conference 2002 in Boston on Oct. 12.  The speech "Creating a Company Wide Culture" is about Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction to achieve maximum profitability.
Aug. 31, 2002  John McLellan, PQA Associate is doing basic research on the link between employee satisfaction and corporate profits.  John hopes to finish his Doctoral Thesis in Business Administration within the year.  PQA clients are  benefiting from truly understanding their people and their priorities.
Aug. 30, 2002 PQA complete major upgrade on Critical Chain Project Management section of PQA's website, providing numerous examples and background on how CCPM can get your projects done 10% to 50% faster &/or cheaper.  PQA's receives a 20% increase in the number of hits on our website.
Aug. 29, 2002 PQA awarded contract to do Root Cause Analysis training for over 90 employees of Accuride.  Accuride is an OEM & aftermarket supplier of aluminum wheels for large transport trucks
Aug. 8, 2002 PQA was consulted on the design & operation of a pilot plant for the manufacture of a new patented plastic resin for removal of environmental contaminants from water.
Aug. 6, 2002 PQA forms joint venture to apply PQA's knowledge in alternative energy systems, waste heat recovery, and HVAC for agricultural livestock housing.
Aug. 6, 2002 PQA investigating WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) and its environmental burden in landfills and alternative recycling options
Aug. 6, 2002 PQA implements 5S pilot project for office environment.  One truckload of obsolete equipment & files are successfully removed from office.  Another 50 cu. ft. are moved to "dead storage" archive.  PQA designed & implemented computer database for corporate library and reference files.  People can now quickly find & utilize the resources that are available.
Aug. 4, 2002 PQA awarded contract to upgrade Direct Plastics to ISO-9001:2000 quality standard
July 27, 2002 PQA welcomes Ola Hausel as latest addition to PQA's Associates.  Ola is a Mechanical Engineer with 20 yrs. experience in consulting, nuclear, Internet, and management.
July 11, 2002 PQA is commissioned to do employee survey for over 600 employees at FAG Bearings.  PQA helps customize survey to exactly meets management's needs, ensure it's comprehensive so that it is an excellent benchmark for future surveys, and each question leads to clear actions no matter how it is answered by employees.
July 6, 2002 PQA develops Quality of Worklife program for municipal government
July 1, 2002 PQA forms Joint venture with 6 Sigma Consortium for the marketing and training of employees on Black Belt and Green Belt techniques.  PQA offers program to upgrade and add additional resources without a full wave being generated.
June 10, 2002 PQA awarded contract to do turn-key implementation for ISO 13485 quality system for medical device manufacturer.  This includes clean room, sterile procedures, supplier & sub-contractor controls, and process optimization.  Medical device is an injectable product that must be safe for the patient and meet FDA and Therapeutic Products Directorate requirements for Health Canada.
Apr. 25, 2002 John Kabel joins PQA as our latest Associate.  John has over 20 years experience in process optimization, food manufacturing & processing, biotechnology, sterile processes, and pharmaceuticals.
Apr. 1, 2002 PQA is hired to help troubleshoot high speed (3.0 meters/sec line speeds) printing system.  Working with customer, OEM manufacturer, and VAR the numerous theories as to the cause are examined and  eliminated or solved.  The technical solution is defined within 2 months for a series of problems that had been ongoing for over 2 years.
Mar. 28, 2002 PQA delivers speech on ISO9001 and the role of the Professional Engineers for the local chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario.  PQA shows how ISO can give an ROI in excess of 1,000% but the average return is only 16% due to poor implementation of the ISO system.  PQA shows how to do it better.
Mar. 22, 2002 PQA asked to investigate market potential for new, improved 3D image rendering software & algorithm for use with digital data streams such as satellite, surveillance, and MRI medical imaging.
Mar. 18, 2002 PQA helps wiring harness manufacturing company with achieving ISO9001 certification.
Feb. 2002 PQA complete process engineering simulator & designer for hazardous gas blending system.  Simulator can be used for training customers, as well as designing process piping & equipment sizing for all sizes of production capacities.  Simulator cost only 22% of the alternative (having engineers do the detailed engineering design for 9 different size production plants).  With the simulator, the engineers can quickly review the final design recommended by the simulator, rather than doing the detailed optimization by hand.
Nov. 2001 PQA was hired on year-long contract to do quality assurance auditing for plastic extrusion company.  PQA has the expertise to do the audits faster, cheaper, and more comprehensively than employees.  PQA can also recommend on management focus to ensure the QS-9000 certification stays "evergreen" and doesn't fall behind.
Nov. 16, 2001 PQA develops a new, simple process design for the float glass industry to eliminate "tin rain" phenomenon which occurs in the float bath, ruining the glass quality.
Oct. 10, 2001 PQA does 8 Disciplines problem solving training for employees of LaZBoy.
Sept. 12, 2001 PQA does process troubleshooting for new, patented process equipment to purify & concentrate waste fluids.  PQA had the probable root cause identified in 4 hrs., conducted tests to confirm the cause in another 4 hrs., and had detailed design calculations completed within the week to overcome the previous design limitation.
Aug. 27, 2001 PQA commissioned to do supervision & leadership training for employees at a major white goods appliance manufacturer.  PQA's focus is on awareness, perseverance, listening, and Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to achieve maximum rate of improvement & employee satisfaction.
June 28, 2001 PQA does training at KVT Technologies (Div. of Emerson Electric) and for Wescast Industries (world's leading manufacturer of thin wall castings for intake/exhaust manifolds) on Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) so employees can enhance prevention of quality problems.
June 1, 2001 PQA applies TOC Thinking Tools to develop Current Reality Tree to help Sr. Management and middle management understand each other better, resolve differences, and focus their efforts as a team for a division of international conglomerate. 
June 15, 2001 PQA helps upgrade ISO-9001 system for AO Smith to the new Year 2000 version of standard, as well as Internal Quality Auditing training.
May 11, 2001 PQA applies Theory of Constraints Thinking tools to analyze complex market forces for new telecommunications startup that has cornered the market on wireless devices.  PQA successfully explains how the customers, competitors, and speculators have driven the market to all-time new highs, and how this will finally be resolved.  Management receives clear direction on how to ensure the wave of success continues.
Mar. 15, 2001 Glenn Black, PQA's President delivers speech on Critical Chain Project Management to Quality Professionals at American Society for Quality meeting.
Sept. 15, 2000 Carpeting & tile are now complete in PQA's office expansion.  Baseboards, kitchen, & bathroom are all that remain

All phone, computer, & A/V wiring is now complete in office expansion
Sept. 6, 2000 PQA's new calendar (2000-2001) for training courses is done & back from the printers.  Will be mailed to all clients within the next week.

Drywall & painting are now complete in PQA's office expansion.

Electrical wiring & government inspection are now complete in PQA's office expansion.

PQA's expansion into 2nd floor of building discovers their 1910 building has no insulation between plaster and brick, as well as many bare electrical wires (old insulation has fallen off wire) hidden in walls, and whole area is on 2 fuses.  Planned scope of just re-decorating before moving into office expansion is thrown out window.  Scope now includes total gutting of office expansion area, total re-wiring electrically, total re-plumbing, & move partition walls.  Scope has increased 1200% over original plan.  Cost has gone up by factor of 120.  Project duration has increased by factor of 20.  So much for project's original plan & budget.

PQA prints & distribute 20,000 copies of its 1999-2000 Training Catalogues to its clients and contacts in S. Western Ontario

Ron Farren, Quality Practitioner joins PQA's team.  Welcome Ron!  Ron has over 20 years experience in wholesale/retail food sales & distribution, warehouse operations, & inventory control.  Ron will be in charge of Inside Sales and telemarketing for PQA. 

Bernie Meyer, Quality Practitioner joins PQA's team.  Bernie has 15 years experience in landscaping and horticultural services, and is a recent graduate from Fanshawe College.  Bernie will be responsible for co-ordinating all seminars, as well as our monthly newsletter.

Jodie Sinclair is promoted to PQA's Office Manager.  Congratulations Jodie.  Jodie is now responsible for the day-to-day running of the PQA office in addition to her other duties.

Jodie Sinclair joins PQA as our receptionist and secretary.  Welcome Jodi!  Jodi has experience in retail sales, food & confection manufacturing, and office systems.

John McLellan, BA MBA CGA joins PQA as an Associate.  John specializes in financial controls & measurements, ISO implementations, strategic planning, and Theory of Constraints.
Aug. 13, 1993 PQA moves to new offices at 690 King St.  Finally, we have windows!
Mar., 1992 Don Whitred joins PQA as Associate.  Don has over 20 years experience in telecommunications industry (Northern Telecom, now Nortel Networks) and in quality assurance management.
Mar. 1989 PQA helps paint manufacturer analyze customer returns and eliminates over $1.2 million/yr. in returned product by identifying paint colour measurement system as the major cause.  Error of measurement improvement program eliminates error in measuring paint colour to customer's standard.  All measuring devices throughout plant that affect formulations are checked & replaced as needed with more accurate instruments.
Sept. 9, 1988 PQA gains its first contract with CAE Magnesium (now Meridium Corporation) for review of their quality management system and locating source of on-going problems.
Aug. 31, 1988 PQA's business plan is completed and bank agrees to fund on first request
Aug. 8, 1988 PQA is formed as a sole-proprietorship with 1 employee.  Company operates out of Glenn Black's basement

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