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Put a "+" sign before the word(s) to force inclusion in search results. Pages that do not contain all these +words will not appear in the search results.

Using "Match ALL words" is the same effect as putting a "+" in front of every word.

Examples: +quality+assurance+training        Only pages that contain all 3 words will appear in results.

                 +cpk                                         Only pages that contain "cpk" will be in search results.

 Use "-" to exclude words. Pages that contain this/these words will be excluded from search results.  Note that hyphens eg. co-operate could be mis-interpreted as asking to exclude a word.  Hyphens on the web page were removed and not considered when indexing the pages.

Phrases (eg. "The fox jumped down") are not supported, whether or not they are quoted.

Word sequence is not important (eg. "quality assurance" has the same effect as "assurance quality") and will return the exact same documents, in the same search results order, weighting, and sequence.

Relevance score and the order of documents in the search results depends on the number of occurrences of the key word.  If multiple key words are entered, there is an additional weighting factor of "3", where the individual keyword scores are multiplied by 3 if the document contains multiple key words.

Searching for Special Characters (eg.  π . ! * $  /  - _ etc.) is not possible.  They will be converted to blank spaces before doing the search.

Accented letters (eg. etc.) will be converted to their un-accented version prior to doing the search.  Pages that contained accepted characters were similarly converted before they were indexed, so you will get a match.

Words must be 2 or more letters to be indexed.  1 letter words are excluded & cannot be used to search.


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Perlfect Search 3.30


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